The Top Exterior Paint Color Trends of 2024

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The Top Exterior Paint Color Trends of 2024

Enhancing your home's curb appeal and creating a warm welcome is as easy as applying a fresh coat of exterior paint. As we step into 2024, let's explore some expert-recommended paint colors that will elevate your home's exterior aesthetics.

According to Ashley McCollum, the color expert for Glidden Paint by PPG, neutral hues continue to dominate the trends, offering a versatile backdrop for various front door and trim pairings. Light exteriors are expected to embrace warm neutrals, providing homeowners with a canvas to express their individuality.

For those ready to embrace deeper and moodier tones, darker hues are on the rise. McCollum suggests that dark exteriors will see a touch of vibrancy, with blacks and dark grays adopting earthy undertones to enhance visual appeal. Now, let's dive into the expert-forecasted 2024 exterior paint color trends.

1. Warm Brown (Valspar's Fired Earth)

Director of color marketing, Sue Kim, describes this stunning dark yet warm brown as ideal for contemporary style homes. Simple lines and wood accents harmonize with Fired Earth, creating a luxurious feel to the exterior.

2. Silver-Gray (Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray)

Hannah Yeo, senior manager of color marketing at Benjamin Moore, recommends this timeless silver-gray for its global appeal. Neutral colors like Stonington Gray remain mainstream due to their versatility, complementing various styles and materials.

3. Tranquil Green-Blue (Valspar's Renew Blue)

For a splash of color on doors, trim, or porch ceilings, Valspar's Renew Blue, a green-influenced blue, is a beautiful choice. According to Sue Kim, it's a nourishing tone that brings a sense of peace to outdoor spaces.

4. Warm Honey (Glidden's Limitless)

McCollum describes Limitless as an optimistic, warm hue that is inviting without being overwhelming. Glidden's Color of the Year 2024, Limitless is a fresh alternative to common neutral exterior colors, providing a welcoming curb appeal.

5. Creamy Off-White (Glidden's Focus)

Focus by Glidden is a warm, creamy off-white that transcends exterior design styles. McCollum suggests it works well as a minimalist aesthetic or as a blank canvas for warm or cool accents, suitable for various architectural styles.

6. Modern Black (Behr's Cracked Pepper)

 Interior designer Cara Newhart recommends Behr's Cracked Pepper for a modern exterior. Paired with Blank Canvas for window trim and detail work, this combination adds contrast, depth, and a moody feel.

7. Dark and Moody Gray (Benjamin Moore's Temptation)

 Hannah Yeo suggests Temptation, a deep gray hue with a hint of blue, for those seeking a modern twist on traditional architecture. Its depth of color pops against greenery, enhancing curb appeal.

8. Welcoming White (Behr's Blank Canvas)

Newhart describes Blank Canvas as the perfect backdrop for larger outdoor surfaces. This white hue allows homeowners to have fun with exterior accents, introducing playful colors while maintaining an elegant exterior.

9. Cool Green-Black (Glidden's Mostly Metal)

Mostly Metal by Glidden is a striking, dark, cool black with a slight green undertone. McCollum recommends using it for an all-over, monochromatic look on body siding, trim, garage doors, and even matching roof tiles for a modern statement-making exterior.

These expert-recommended paint colors for 2024 offer a spectrum of options, allowing you to transform your home's exterior with style and sophistication. Whether you prefer warm neutrals or bold, moody hues, these trending colors will undoubtedly enhance your home's visual appeal.


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